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Years ago it was common for people to choose one pair of frames that they would wear for all occasions. Now like clothing frames have become a statement of personal style. With thousands of options available it‚Äôs easy and even fun to find frames that suit you and your lifestyle for any occasion. Today you can choose frames that reflect your personality, profession or interests. Are you creative, professional or athletic? Do you need specially frames for your safety? Your optician can help you select frame so that the whole world can see you in your best light for every occasion. Let‚Äôs take a look at the frame types available. Most metal frames offer a lightweight and durable option. They also are corrosion and heat resistant. And others are so flexible they can be reshaped if damaged. Often more suitable for high performance activities including safety eyewear plastic frames offer a wider selection of colors and shapes from which to choose. Looking for more subtle look, semi-rimless and three-piece mounted frames are lightweight and comfortable. In the absence of a full rim also allows for more flexibility in lens customization. With half eye frames which are smaller and sit lower on the nose it’s easier to switch focus between near and distant objects. With all the choices and materials colors and shapes there’s no need to have just one pair for every day wear.
Now you can offer multiple pairs to fit the many facets of your lifestyle. Simply put frames have become fashionable. Your choice of frames makes a statement about your personality and your sense of style. So have some fun with frames.

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