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Personalize your lensIntroduction

Your vision, tailored exactly to your needs

Introducing the Visioffice system a breakthrough in measurement technology this innovative device allows us to create exclusive personalized lenses just for you. It offers measurements so precise you’ll be able to see the world more clearly than ever before. Your eyes are like your fingerprint unique only to you. The visioffice system allows us to personalize your lenses on multiple levels. It‚Äôs the most technologically advanced digital measuring system available today. Your glasses can be so much more than just your prescription by taking up to 20 additional measurements we can go deeper and precisely measure the way you see the world. You‚Äôll experience vision that is crisper and cleaner than ever before. Now for the first time a live three-dimensional measurement of the human eye can be performed quickly and accurately. The Visioffice system takes dynamic 3-D eye measurements and shows us precisely the way you naturally view objects with your glasses on. When all these specific measurements are applied you’ll get the most precise vision possible so no matter where you look you’ll get crisp clear vision every time effortlessly. Measuring takes just a few minutes. For glasses frames you can create up to four different versions to see how you look. You can even print or email your pictures to friends and family before you make your purchase. These exclusive personalized lenses will enable you to see the world like you’ve never seen it before more crisply and accurately. To get the most out of your personalized vision we offer exclusive Varilux progressive lenses and single vision lenses. Ask us about Varilux eyecode and Varilux IPSEO lenses to see which lens is best for you. When you experience our exclusive visioffice system you open the door to a world of vision that is more detailed and personalized than ever been. And because of the multiple personalized precise measurement you‚Äôll get the most technologically advanced vision possible. Experience visioffice we think you’ll like what you see

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